KoreMinds' Value Proposition

Current evolving marketplace needs just-in-time delivery for which logistics processes need to be mapped out more quickly and in greater detail. KoreMinds’ Transport Management services helps its client to coordinates the warehouse and the road in the perfect way. This includes seamless integration and interconnection with warehouse for complete control of logistics processes.

  • Better Load & Dispatch Planning
  • Monitor driver behaviors to promote safety
  • Rich Shipment insights
  • Realtime Negotiation & Bidding
  • Optimized & Automated Supplier Selection
  • 3rd Party API integration

KoreMinds Transportation Management - Mobile, Dynamic and Efficient

We also provides cloud-based transport and fleet management solutions which are best in class industry standards and practices for regulated operational control to scale Transport Operations.

Robust Supply Chain

Manage shipment and distribution of orders, and streamline logistics activities

Modern Warehouse

Manage shipments and storage of supplies, optimize warehousing facilities

Cost Effective Delivery

Ensure secure and cost-effective freight delivery operations

Analytics based Integrated Transport & Supply Chain Management Solution for your Enterprise business.